Tool to Automate Clinical Data Standardization & Submission Process

Eliminate repetition. Reduce manual effort. Complete tasks faster.

Is Your Clinical Data
standardization Process
Tedious and Manual?

Are you manually annotating the same fields over and over?

Do you constantly duplicate annotation efforts for similar Study?

Are you spending more time and money on converting raw data to SDTM manually?

Smart aCRF


CRF Annotation is manual and time consuming – Our Smart aCRF module reduces the manual effort in CRF Annotation with Automation using ML/NLP.

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Smart Mapper


Smart Mapper module produces mapping specification & SDTM datasets . The input to this module is raw metadata or raw datasets from the EDC.

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Validator & Define R3


Validate SDTM/ADaM data and create define.xml/SDRG/ADRG/ARM to be submission ready.

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