Smart aCRF Module

Module to create annotation automatically using ML/NLP

SMART Annotation Repository – A growing body of keywords and annotations pairs (learns, stores and facilitates re-use of annotations). Keyword, Annotations and Annotation attributes with Location can be added or modified with ease and saved for re-use. Smart learning within the application and repeat usage augment the repository as the application is used. It Comes preloaded with CDISC/Sponsor defined Metadata, the recommended Text and Annotation attributes.


Preloaded with CDISC/sponsor defined metadata & CDISC recommended text and annotation attributes.

Annotation repository – A growing body of keywords annotation pairs – learns, stores, facilitates Re-Use of annotations

Keywords, annotations and annotations attributes with location can be added or modified with ease and saved for Re-Use.

Reverse Engineer using existing study annotations to augment repository and Re-Use.

Easy integration of customs/sponsors metadata into database.

Integrated ML/NLP solution for keyword detection and prediction.